Establishment of Becker

And it’s Area Chamber of Commerce

Settlers began arriving to this area in the mid 1850s and called this area Pleasant Valley. The establishment of the Pleasant Valley Post Office in 1866 and arrival of the railroad in 1867 ensured the settlement’s long term survival. Becker Township, organized in 1871, and the City of Becker, incorporated in 1901, were named after George Loomis Becker an agent for the railroad.


Some time after the town’s organization a group of business owners and citizens came together to seek to cultivate the industrial, commercial, professional & financial resources of Becker, which led to the incorporation of the Becker Area Chamber of Commerce in December of 1975. The Becker Area Chamber of Commerce has been providing the core services established by our founders since inception.


Please explore our website to see all that the City of Becker and the Becker Area Chamber of Commerce have to offer.

Our Mission Statement

“Our mission is to promote a positive business environment, offering participation, encouragement and support to the Becker area Businesses.”

Board Of Directors

Mike Brubaker, Chair – Sherburne History Center
Carol Van Heel, Vice Chair – Friends of Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge
Candice Wampach, Treasurer – Sherburne State Bank
Amy Chmielewski, Secretary – American Family Insurance
Larry Newell, Director – Liberty Paper, Inc.
Darin Bohlken, Director – Great River Area Faith in Action
Dr. Brandon Buesgens, Director – Becker Spine


Lynette Brannan, Office Manager
Telephone: 763.262.2420
Email: chamber@beckerchamber.org
Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 9:00AM to 2:00PM